What Is A Trade Show Model?

Trade shows and expos are filled with booths and exciting products and services that have a lot to offer various industries. Setting up an interactive booth is one thing but getting people to notice what you have to offer is another story. 

A trade show model is a person hired to represent your company during a convention or conference, usually a woman. They’re hired to increase leads by engaging customers and perform duties that are particular to the event.

How Will Trade Show Models Help Gain Booth Engagement?

Trade show models are not only actual models, they are prompt, pleasant, professional booth staff who will add attractiveness to your exhibit at trade fairs, conventions or any other form of marketing or promotional event.

At corporate events, trade show models assist firms of all sizes in increasing sales and managing leads. Professional models can be quite clever and often have college degrees, despite the fact that they are often sought after for their appearance.

Expos or trade show models may personify your product or business's image with their friendly, charismatic persona. They can make your product, brand, or service more desirable with their engaging presence and poised professionalism.

They can also be trained to  answer questions on preferred products, services, or brands at expos and conventions, providing extensive information to press and consumers.

Types Of Trade Show Models

To the untrained eye, the difference between staffing trade show hostesses and spokesmodels may appear to be insignificant. Here's a rundown of the many sorts of trade show staffing available, as well as an understanding of what they include.

  • Trade Show Models - Any male or female who is not a company employee and has been recruited to work your exhibition. Trade Show models make trade shows successful for many organizations because they utilize their skills and personalities beyond their looks.
  • Convention Models - Someone who has been hired to work at a conference. Models for conventions and conferences are interchangeable. The label specifies the kind of event they are handling.
  • Booth Models - A woman specifically hired by conventions or conferences to work a booth. This requires 
  • Interpreters - Staffing models that are bilingual are ideal for international conferences trade shows or other expos where a high percentage of potential buyers speak a language other than English.
  • Event Staff - An employee hired to work an event. They usually work an entire event rather than just one exhibit.
  • Product Demostrators - Models who are employed particularly to illustrate a product's functionality or features. Individuals and groups will be shown your products and told about their benefits and features by product demonstrators.
  • Greeters And Crowd Engagers - Attractive and personable models hired specifically for welcoming attendees and enticing them to visit a booth. They typically help provide visitors with a positive first impression of your business.

Trade show models are efficient to have when selling products and services that are often difficult to discern on. You can rely on them to represent your brand while also ensuring good engagement and generating leads for your business. Visit Exhibit Display Systems today to discover more about trade shows and exhibits!

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