Types of Trade Show Booths

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) ban on in-person gatherings made many traditional marketing strategies unfeasible. Brands were unable to host promotional events like trade shows. However, with government bodies gradually lifting several physical distancing guidelines, live events should start popping up across the country. 

Expect last year’s canceled events to resume. If you postponed some trade shows due to the pandemic, regain momentum this year by participating in as many conventions as possible. Maximize the opportunity! Revisit the booth designs you planned last year, and update them to suit your target market’s current needs.

5 Common Types of Trade Show Booth Setups

1. Island Booth

An island booth arguably stands as the best setup any brand can get at a trade show. This setup yields the highest exposure and engagement opportunities since guests can access it from all sides. In most cases, island booths stand alone amid multiple inline booths.

However, keep in mind that island booths also cost the most to rent. Convention centers charge higher rates on high-traffic locations, plus this booth setup typically has complex, pricey designs.

2. Peninsula Booth

Another competitor for the best, most expensive setup is the peninsula booth. These booths sit at the end of their respective aisles. Their backs typically lie against multiple booths to create inlines or fellow peninsula setups to form island booths. Guests can access this setup from three corners.

Although island booths trump peninsula booths in terms of exposure, you can still utilize the latter to yield high foot traffic. Offset the block corner by attracting more attention. Play loud music, install eye-catching banners, and display your goods correctly. 

3. Inline Booth

Inline booths rank among the most widely used setups. These cost-efficient, space-saving booths enable brands to maximize two-lane foot traffic at passageways without dropping thousands on island or peninsula booths.

The best way to maximize an inline booth is to choose spots 5 to 10 booths away from the entrance. Remember: guests often overlook the first few booths they see. Entrance doors are always crowded, so people might not feel comfortable checking the surrounding stalls.

4. Corner Booth

Getting a corner booth doesn’t automatically set your stall up for failure. Although these setups typically get less exposure, you can still turn things around by choosing high-traffic locations. 

Ideally, we suggest corner booths near bathrooms and cafes. Not only do they get excellent exposure, but attendees who have just finished eating or relieving themselves are more likely to engage with the first booths they see.

5. Banner Stands

Banner stands rank among the most cost-effective, undemanding trade show booths. This standalone setup works virtually anywhere. Most brands only need less than 10 square feet of space to install banner stands.

Just remember that banner stands don’t draw much attention. To prevent your neighbors from overshadowing you, invest in high-quality banners that’ll stand out in crowds.

Overall, your booth setups play integral roles in the success of your trade shows. Don’t blindly opt for cheap, uncomplicated options. Assess all the possible booth setups so that you can choose one that best represents your brand, allows passersby to engage with your ambassadors, and highlights your products/services.

If you want to host your first trade show booth since the pandemic, Exhibit Display Systems can help. Check out our resources explaining everything you need for a safe, successful in-person promotional event!

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