How To Choose The Best Trade Show Booth Location

Booth location plays a crucial role in trade show marketing. Event attendees might not realize it, but they typically gravitate toward strategically positioned, eye-catching stalls over the more discreet ones. Are you new to trade show marketing? Don't worry—we have you covered!  

5 Useful Tips In Choosing A Booth Location

Whether it's your first time choosing a trade show location or not, follow these simple, actionable tips to ensure that you land the best spot for your trade show booth.

Distance Yourself From The Entrance

Although entryways get the most foot traffic in any convention center, the hectic crowds discourage attendees from engaging with nearby stalls. Most guests walk past the first three to five brands they see.

Instead, position your team in a less hectic area. For instance, the booths near the first intersection draw attention, but they likely wouldn't get congested since the converging aisles will thin the crowd.

Stay Beside Widely Known Brands

There's a common misconception that SMBs should always stay away from larger brands at trade shows. Since 64% of big companies say the quality of attendees dictates the exhibition, leveraging their strategy can serve your interests. 

By gracefully swooping in when you see their unattended guests, you’re creating an oopportunity to shed light on what your booth has to offer. Capitalizing on the attention they receive is possible, especially if you're in the same target market. Most high-demand booths can't attend to all their patrons anyways.

Look for Restrooms and Food Halls

Booths near restrooms and food halls consist of highly engaged attendees. Targeting attendees who have just finished eating or using the toilet is an opportunity. They have just finished their prior agendas, so they likely have no specific destination in mind just yet. Take this opportunity to strike first.

Maximize The Intersections And Aisles

Aisles and intersections draw high foot traffic of highly engaged attendees. If you manage to score a position near converging aisles, ensure that all corners of your booth have designated representatives. Prospects will come from all directions. However, keep in mind that renting these areas also costs more. Convention centers know the value of their booth locations.

Gauge Your Competitors

Don't automatically distance yourself from the competition. You and your competitors have the same ideal buyer persona, so you might need to compete with them for traffic. Try outperforming them by leveraging a highly customized experience of small businesses over bigger ones.

Key Takeaway

Goal setting is the secret to choosing the most optimal booth location. You'll have a more convenient time deciding where to set up your booth once you have a clear-cut mission. Moreover, ensure your booth's aesthetic complements your location. Scoring a spot in a high-foot traffic intersection yields negligible results if you build a quaint, dull setup. Invest in quality designs if you can.

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